Community Garden Plots Available in Hawley-Green

I am happy to announce our 11th year for the Hawley-Green Veggie Garden. (“HGVG”)

HGVG is a community garden that is sponsored by Hawley-Green Neighbors, Inc, and Syracuse Grows. Invaluable support is also given to us by the folks at NEHDA.

The garden offers individual plots to neighbors, and when space is available, to gardeners from outside the neighborhood. The general cost for this garden is $20 for each plot, with consideration for those who cannot afford this amount.

Participation comes with free plants, compost, wood chips, fertilizer, tools, access to water and use of a tiller. (thanks Syracuse Grows!) In return, each garden member is also asked to keep their plot free of weeds, trim the area surrounding their plot, join in general clean up (this year it is April 22 from 11 am until 2 pm.) and help with filling water barrels.

Sign up is on a first come-first serve basis. You will be given a plot, if available, once you pay the $20 fee and sign a use agreement. (copy attached)

Our goal is to include as many people who want to garden as possible. There are beginning gardeners and seasoned gardens willing to help every year. It is really a fun time, but as you know, gardening is work and requires regular weeding and watering!!!

We look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to join us. Attached is a copy of the plot holder agreement. To get put on the list (right now there are 7 plots open), complete the attached form and drop it off or send it to Frank Schiraldi, 403 Howard Street, Syracuse 13203, along with your $20 fee. If you pay by check, make checks payable to Frank Schiraldi.

Also, donations from those who do not want a plot are appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Gardening!

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